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Estate Agency

      Our Real estate Agency involves;

  • Renting, sales, and purchase of landed properties. 

  • We manage the agreement between landlords and tenants.

  • We help the estate broker to sell and buy Real Estate that is generally licensed to operate.

  • We negotiate and arranged sales under the supervision of the real estate broker. 

Property Marketing

      How we stand out in marketing;

  • We define our prospective clients timely.

  • We empathize with them to know their needs.

  • We show them the right solution to the challenges.

  • We demonstrate the right hotspot for our properties and show attractive points to our prospective clients.

  • We reach out to our clients on a regular basis.



We aim to gives an understanding of the legal, economic, and physical framework within which the property market functions.

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Property Evaluation

       Property evaluation? we are here!

  • We help our clients calculate the net worth of their properties.

  • We help sell and repurchase at new sites in cases where our clients do not like their current neighborhoods

  • We help value when clients intend to use their property as collateral for bank transactions. 

Real estate advisory

  •  we constantly follow the market trends to help you inform your decisions.

  • We update you on a regular basis about government policies and how they affect the market value of your property.

  • We inform you when there are new influential neighbors that could create a drastic rise in the value of your property.    

Property and Facility management

  • Our business does not just end after-sales, we offer to manage your physical property on your behalf. This is common among our diaspora clients, who mostly need to keep an eye on their properties in their absence.

  • We make renovate and replace any damaged parts of your property in your absences.

  • We watch out for any domestic abnormalities on your behalf through the installation of CCTV on demand. 

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